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A steamer is a warm and frothy milk-based drink that is often flavored with syrups such as vanilla or chocolate. It is a comforting beverage option, perfect for those seeking a non-coffee alternative. The milk is steamed to achieve a creamy texture, creating a soothing and delightful experience with each sip.

Nutrition Facts

Milk Options:

Whole, Skim, Oat, Almond, Half & Half, Heavy Cream
No Extra Charge for Alternative Milk

Sweetener Options:

Vanilla, Chocolate, Caramel, Chai Spice, Sugar-Free Vanilla, Sugar-Free Chocolate, Sugar-Free Caramel, Honey, Brown Sugar, Lavender

About Steamers

A steamer is a warm and frothy milk-based drink that is perfect for those seeking a non-coffee option. While the exact history of the steamer is not well-documented, it has been enjoyed as a comforting beverage for many years, especially by those who prefer a lighter and milder option.

The name “steamer” aptly reflects the preparation process of this delightful drink. It is created by steaming milk to achieve a creamy and velvety texture, which is then combined with various flavorings such as vanilla, chocolate, or other syrups. The warm and cozy nature of the steamer makes it a popular choice during colder months or as a soothing treat any time of the year.

Fun fact: Steamers are highly customizable, allowing you to tailor them to your preferences. You can choose from a variety of flavorings, adjust the sweetness level, and even opt for alternative milk options to suit your dietary needs or preferences.

At our café, we take pride in preparing exceptional steamers. Our skilled baristas meticulously steam the milk to achieve the perfect texture, ensuring a velvety and satisfying experience with every sip. Whether you’re in the mood for a classic vanilla steamer or want to indulge in a rich chocolate variation, we have a selection of delicious options to suit your taste buds. Join us and discover the comforting embrace of our steamers, where warmth, flavor, and relaxation come together in every cup.