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Freeze Dried Candy

Freeze Dried Candy Gluten Free

At Explorado Market, we are committed to providing our customers with exciting and innovative gluten-free options. Our freeze-dried candy is just one example of how we are constantly pushing the boundaries to offer unique, delicious, and safe treats. Using the freeze-drying process, we transform gluten-free candy into a crunchy, enjoyable treat.

Contains NO gluten

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Flavor Options:

Skittles, Milk Duds, Nerds Clusters, Airheads

Freeze Dried Skittles
Freeze Dried Airheads
Freeze Dried Milk Duds

About Our Freeze Dried Candy

Explorado Market is always looking for innovative ways to delight our customers while adhering to our commitment to gluten-free products. One of our latest creations involves taking gluten-free candy and transforming it into a crunchy, exciting treat using a process called freeze drying.

Freeze drying, also known as lyophilization, is a process that removes moisture from an item by freezing it and then sublimating the ice into water vapor. This process maintains the structure and nutritional content of the food, while extending its shelf life and significantly reducing its weight. By applying this method to gluten-free candy, we are able to create a unique, crunchy texture that adds a fun twist to your favorite treats. This innovative approach not only maintains the gluten-free integrity of the candy but also enhances its texture, giving you a crunchy, delightful snack that you won’t find anywhere else.